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Kazakhstan National Physics Olympiad The Kazakhstan National Physics Olympiad (KazNPhO) is a high school physics competition run by the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Daryn" to select the team to represent Kazakhstan at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO). The team is selected through a series of exams testing their problem solving abilities and experimental skills. The top students are invited to rigorous study camps at Kazakh National University to prepare for the IPhO.

Scheme of Kazakhstan Physics Olympiad[edit]

Since the origin, there are 4 steps in Kazakhstan Physics Olympiad. There are three different grades: 9th, 10th and 11th. Most participants of Kazakshtan National Physics Team which goes to IPhO are from 11th and 10th grades, and very rarely from 9th.

First Step[edit]

This step is designated to select the best three or less students from the same grade from every school. The exam is usually hold in the beginning of an academic year, September. Anyone who wishes to participate is more than welcomed.

Second Step[edit]

Students in each city, who were selected from the first round, are invited to an exam. The exam consists of two parts: the first one is a written exam, the second one is an experiment. The contest is hold in November.

Third Step[edit]

In the third step, students from all over a region (means the same as a state in US) come together to compete in complicated physics problems and pre-university-level experiments. In average, there are 40 students in every grade. The exam is hold in January.

Fourth Step[edit]

The fourth step, and the last, is the competition at the national level. Two students from every region from the same grade are invited to participate in this contest. There are 18 regions (including two megacities) in Kazakhstan; which means that there are 36 participants from every grade, and 36x3 in total. However, since students from the national physics team skip the first three steps, there are usually more than 108 students every year. The top three students in every grade get gold medals, the next six get silver medals, and the following nine participants get bronze medals. The Olympiad is hold in March.

Kazakhstan National Physics Team[edit]


The top students from 9th and 10th grades, by results of National Physics Olympiad, are invited to compose the physics team of Kazakhstan for the next academic year.

The first camp is hold in December, in the same year as of the National Olympiad. The second camp is hold in March, the next year after the National Olympiad. The third one is in May. And the last one is hold right before the IPhO. Usually camps last for ten days, but the last one may continue up to 4 weeks.

All of the camps, except the last one, are designated to select students for Olympiads. The first one is intended to select students for APhO. From the results of all three camps and results of all national and international competitions the 5 students are selected for IPhO. They are gathered together for the last intensive training camp.


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