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Hi, as you may have guessed I'm Keith Azzopardi. I was born 15 years ago, in 1991, in Malta and still live there. In my opinion, there's not a place on Earth better then Malta, however the Maltese citezens need to work harder to make Malta a better place. Amongst the things i like to do I like to play Guild Wars, and read, especially Anthony Horowitz books. In May 2007 I will be sitting for my O-Levels, and after that (as long as I pass: hopefully), I will take up History.



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WikiEdits by me[edit]

Created Edited Considerably GAN FAN
Zmien L-Ispanjoli Siege of Malta (1565) Siege of Malta (1565) ~ Failed Siege of Malta (1565) ~ Failed
Ragel bil-Ghaqal Savio College The Great Dictator ~ Failed The Great Dictator ~ Failed
Marku Falzun Minglish
Guze Galea Dingli
Acting President of Malta Azzopardi
Acting President Zarb
Jars of Clay

Apart from the ones mentioned above, I have also contributed by creating other small articles, discussing possible changes, minor stub sorting, and proposing new merges or projects.


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btw - Never mind my English, I'm not pro at foreign languages :-)