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This user page was originally for topics about pedigree cat breeding.

It is now being expanded to include bat conservation, barefoot lifetyle, sound recording and other subjects


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Activity log[edit]

Bat conservation[edit]

24-07-07 New page. Number of minor corrections and fiddling about. Recategorised as + {{bat-stub}} - not sure what that means.

Bat groups[edit]

28-07-07 New redirect page to Bat conservation.

Bat detector[edit]

29-07-07 Much of this site was a bit shaky and it didn't explain what a bat detector did or how it was used. Big rewrite. Probably needs some more references and cites.

Bat (disambiguation)[edit]

28=07-07 "Bat conservation" added. "Bat groups" redirect page has been added. 31-07-07 "Bat detector" added.


31-07-07 added to "Cat": "Cats are popular pets and are also bred and shown as registered pedigree pets. This hobby is known as the "Cat Fancy".".

Cat breed[edit]

31-07-07 Change to internal link Fédération Internationale Féline.

Cat registry[edit]

24-07-07 I've done fairly extensive updates on Cat Registries as there were a lot of errors an omissions. I also tried to give it a more international feel. Cat registry procedures differ widely and is it difficult to summarise them all. 24 July 2007 Added para on WCC and link to new entry.

Cat (disambiguation)[edit]

31-07-07 Added "* Cat registry, about pedigree cat registries"

World Cat Congress[edit]

24-07-07 New page created (stub)

Felis Britannica[edit]

10-04-05 New page, subsequently tidied by modertors. This is an orphan