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The Disclaimer[edit]

Previously, I was a Community Associate for the Wikimedia Foundation. My work with the Foundation began officially on October 15, 2010 and ended on November 30, 2011. I also contracted with the Foundation from May 2012 until November 2012. Unless otherwise stated, any edit to this wiki by this account is an act of a regular member of the community, not a legal or official action of any part of the Wikimedia Foundation. Official acts by me in the line of my work have been and will be done from my office account, User:Christine_(WMF).

The Other Stuff[edit]

This is my volunteer account, which I use a bit here and there, generally when I see something that makes me say "Wow, that could be written better, someone should fix that. Oh, wait..."

I'd like to get more involved with editing as time allows between work and grad school. They'll mostly be small edits and hopefully nothing to get excited over but hey... ya gotta start somewhere, right?