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I'm Kiwi. Feel free to contact me on my talk page.

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Random Personal Things[edit]

  • I try to do my part for Wikipedia, although I tend to not really add anything of use to the site besides vandalism reversions and spelling and grammar corrections because everything is already on this ginormomassive (Gigantic + Enormous + Massive) encyclopedia.
  • I like shiny things.
  • And I just learned how to actually make a list look like a list on Wikipedia.
  • I've contemplated the use of my user page as a personal sandbox, but I'm definitely learning stuff from it.

Fun Stuff[edit]

Personal Control Panel thing
Sandbox thing
Pages I wanna make not be red

Featured article candidates

While a good article is a satisfactory article, a featured article exemplifies our very best work and has the following attributes:

1. High and reliable quality. It has: (a) engaging prose of a professional standard; (b) comprehensive coverage of major facts, details and context; (c) factual accuracy, with citations for verification against reliable sources; (d) neutral presentation of viewpoints; (e) stable content.
2. Detailed style standards. It complies with the entire Manual of Style and has: (a) a concise summarizing lead; (b) a substantial table of contents; (c) consistently formatted inline citations.
3. Images. It has images in accordance with image use policies; in particular, they have acceptable copyright status and fair use rationales where necessary.
4. Length. It stays focused on the main topic without going into unnecessary detail.

Articles achieving GA status are candidates for FA-Class (Featured Article) status. Examples of featured articles are viewable daily at Wikipedia's Main Page.

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