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My name is Kimberly Copus and I am a senior psychology major with a minor in biological sciences at Clemson University. I am working on Wikipedia in order to complete my senior lab project. The goal of this class is to edit psychology articles on Wikipedia to improve them and make them featured articles. My class is working with the APS Wikipedia Initiative. We are working under Dr. June Pilcher to improve Wikipedia's list of featured articles so that those who are interested in the subject field can find verifiable information.

Critical Review of Articles[edit]

1. Conformity

2. Betrayal

3. Bed time

4. Basic Anxiety

5. Isomorphism

6. Gestalt Qualities

Modified Articles[edit]

1. peer reviewed by Travis Freetly, Carissa Stch, Kaye Gibson

Modified Article 2[edit]

Link to original article:

Peer reviewed by: Cherie Singletary Travis Freetly Wes Hodge