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While I have used Wikipedia as a resource for years, I have only recently created an account. I will probably focus on making minor changes to articles; I tend to notice spelling and grammar mistakes, and often think of ways to improve sentence structure. I don't plan on making any significant changes to articles until I become more familiar with the editing interface. I would also appreciate feedback if I violate any of Wikipedia's guidelines.

On a more sentimental note, the apparent success of Wikipedia is encouraging, since the policies of assuming good faith, behaving civilly, and maintaining neutrality tend to clash with my somewhat pessimistic view of typical human behavior. Wikipedia is what the Internet was always meant to be: a global, egalitarian exchange of knowledge about anything and everything (provided it is verifiable and uses reliable sources while maintaining a neutral point of view). I apologize for sounding so sycophantic. I am experiencing a rare moment of inspiration, and need a place to record my lofty thoughts.


  1. I am a cynic.
  2. I assume good faith on Wikipedia.
  3. I do not like inconsistent triads.

My sandbox

COMMON REASON This user believes that "common sense" is a worthless delusion and prefers to argue using reason.
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