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A rather true article - Wikipedia Gridlocked by Wikipedia Nerds - Very very unfortunate.
MATH This user's favorite subject is Mathematics.
Arda.Tengwar.svg This user is a fan of
The Lord of the Rings.
Police man Twinkle Head.svg This user watches over Wikipedia with the help of Twinkle!
X This user has resolved not to bother editing articles related to Dragon Ball & etc. as those annoying Saibamen there lack civility!
HP This user is a member of the
Harry Potter Task Force
(or used to be at any rate!)
This user is a member of the Wikipedia Typo Team.
C-1 This user is a beginning C programmer.
C++-1 This user is a beginning C++ programmer.
C#-2 This user is an intermediate C# programmer.
js-2 This user is an intermediate JavaScript programmer.
SQL-3 This user is an advanced SQL programmer.
vb-4 This user is an expert Visual Basic programmer. This user is an advanced Visual Basic .NET programmer.
css-2 This user is an intermediate Cascading Style Sheets user.
HTML-4 This user is an expert HTML user.
{{t|2}} This user understands what templates do, and how to write them.
xml-2 This user is an intermediate XML coder.
xaml This user can write XAML.
xhtml-2 This user is an intermediate XHTML user.
w:) This user is a wiki markup enthusiast.
Hi This user says hi!
Question mark alternate.svg
This user is confused by every aspect of life, including his/her own confusion.
{{!!!}} This user over-uses userboxes.
Hmph! This user is mildly pissed off at the amount of bias and misinformation among certain thugs working in gangs, aiming to spoil wikipedia!
Arian This user is an Arian.
Snake.svg This user was born in the Year of the Snake.
Flag of India.svg This user comes from India.
This user is an actual descendant of Acharya Shriman Nathamuni
State of Tamil Nadu This user comes from Tamil Nadu.

Vishnu.jpg This user is a member of the Vaishnavism work group.
Aum.svg This user is a member of the WikiProject Hindu philosophy.
1337-X This user has a good grasp of 1337 but prefers to contribute using proper words to bridge the gap between 1337 speakers and normal computer users.
IntS !
This user understands leet, IM & texting slang, but won't use it. "411 ur LOL pwn ROFLMAO OMG b310ng 2" you, thanks.
sar-N This user is a native speaker of sarcasm. Isn't that just great?
Johann Joachim Winckelmann (Angelika Kaufmann).jpg This user employs a more formal style of writing in articles than in talk pages.
Emblem-favorites.svg This user thinks good grammar is sexy.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user is not British, but can speak with a British accent.
GN This user is a Grammar Ninja and says "WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" as proof.