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Greetings from Larry R. Holmgren! Welcome to Wikipedia! 1 January 2007 (UTC)

My editing interests are:[edit]

(1) Go game/strategy, [1], WikiProject Go [2], shape [3]

(2) Mathematics/algorithms: Square root, [4], Cube roots [5], divisibility [6],

divisibiltiy rule [7],

fractions [8],

partial fractions [9], List of polynomial topics [10],

polynomial factorization [11],

Swami (March 1884-1960) [12],

Vedic Mathematics [13], [14], [15]

merger of fractional expressions in an algebraic equation [16], HCF of two algebraic expressions[17],

simultaneous equations [18], elementary algebra [19], E = mc2 [20],

(3) Gary Null biography/the alternative medicine paradigm, [21]

(4) Roy Masters biography/psychological insights. [22]

(5) technology: Dentistry [23], call for new section on research on growing new teeth [24]

(6) Ethic of Reciprocity, the Golden Rule [25]

(7) Golden ratio [26]

Wei Chi Tien Ti: "surrounding chess sky earth" = "Go World" (a Chinese go periodical).

This user is a member of WikiProject Go.


1st. This user contributed a substantial portion to the biography of Gary Null. 2007 [27]

2nd. This user contributed a substantial portion to the biography of Roy Masters. 2007 [28]

3rd. This user contributed a substantial portion to the biography of Jagadguru. 2007 [29]

4th. This user contributed the article of Go shape [30] March 4,18, 2007.

5th. This user contributed the article on the GCD or HCF of two polynomials. Article expanded, then the "editors" arrived to decimate it. November 2007. Vedic Math now obliterated, down the memory hole. [31] March 7, 2007.

6th. This user contributed the duplex square root algorithm to the methods of computing square roots article [32]

7th. This user contributed the partial fraction separation algorithm to the Partial Fractions article [33] 3-16-07.

8th. This user has composed an article on solving fractional equations by merging [34] 3-16-07. 7-28-08 Apparently the hyenas have taken this article down and eaten it.:-(

9th. Then an article on converting fractions to decimals using auxilliary fractions. [[35]] 3-19-07 [36] [37] Said article survived a deletion nomination in April 2007 after I improved it and ~7 people found some merit in it.

10th. Cube roots [38]

Work in process:[edit]

Math --- Cube roots algorithm, systems of equations (cyclic rule, quadratic equations, Lagrange multiples)

Biography --- Roy Masters, Gary Null,

Go game --- Strategic concepts,