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Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi
Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi.png
Position Rosh Kollel
Yeshiva Kollel Ohel Torah, Lakewood Township, New Jersey
Personal details
Birth name Yitzchak Abadi
Born (1933-03-12)March 12, 1933
Residence Lakewood NJ, USA
Spouse Chaya
Children Chaim, Avraham, Aaron, Yehuda
Occupation Rabbi

Yitzchak Abadi (Born in 1933) is an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and Posek and a prominent leader of[1] Orthodox Judaism in the United States and around the world.

Early Life[edit]

Rabbi Abadi was born in Venezuela and together with his parents moved back to Tiberias, Israel at age 2. His studies began in Tel-Aviv, Israel and continued in Yeshivat Chevron in Jerusalem. At 19 years old, he was sent by the "Chazon Ish" to study in Lakewood, NJ, under the famed Rabbi Aharon Kotler.[2]


Rabbi Abadi is a renowned Posek whose students are rabbis across the globe. After Rav Aharon's death, Rabbi Abadi emerged as the leading posek for the entire Lakewood community and had the final say on all halachic issues. Rabbi Abadi branched out on his own in 1980, opening a premiere halacha kollel in Lakewood. In 1993, Rav Abadi transferred his kollel to Har Nof, Jerusalem, where it continued to producing fine young scholars who are trained to decide halachic questions touching on every aspect of Jewish law. [3] Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi has since moved back to Lakewood NJ in 2009.

Rav Yitzchak Abadi holding his Megilla on Purim 2013

Notable decisions[edit]

Owing to his prominence as an adjudicator of Jewish law, Abadi is asked the most difficult questions, in which he issues a number of innovative and controversial decisions. For instance, his ruling that permits writing a sefer torah by a silk screen process[4] and a more recent ruling that wigs made with Indian hair may be used[5].


Shu"t Ohr Yitzchak:

  • Vol. 1
  • Vol. 2

Laws of Nidda

Birkat Hamazon Hakatzar


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