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Ldud, based in Amman, Jordan, is a beginner writer for Wikipedia. Together with Bobamnertiopsis, Ldud created many articles regarding history, geography, and places. EnjoiNico and Billthemiddleagedcat are also friends.


Wikipedia is awash in interesting and geographical articles, but the resources on Jordan are surprisingly few. Thus, it has been the goal of Ldud, in collaboration with Bobamnertiopsis, to expand the resource of articles on Amman and around Jordan. An ongoing project has been to create articles on the Amman traffic circle system, as well as other more obscure subjects such as Wadi Seer and Jordan Gate Towers. Needless to say, the resources on Jordan are expanding. Rapidly. Please feel free to help us in our efforts. Contributions to the following articles are welcome:

†Page started by Bobamnertiopsis

Non-Jordanian Topics[edit]

These topics receive less than a little of my attention.

†Deleted; please resurrect.

Future projects[edit]

Finishing Ammanian circle articles is a goal. Feel free to pitch in and start:

Future and beyond[edit]

Larger long-term projects include:

And finally, we hope to expand Wikipedia's photo resources on Jordan.

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