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About me[edit]

My real name is Andrew, and I have lived in Seattle, Washington almost my entire life. A lot of people complain about how often it rains here, but it never bothers me. In fact, I love the rain and I think it can be very soothing and tranquil. I am currently a senior in the Informatics program at the University of Washington in Seattle and I plan on graduating in Spring 2014.


In my spare time, I play an Multiplayer online battle arena game called League of Legends. I try not to spend too much time on it during school but that can be challenging at times. I also enjoy playing Guitar Hero, Grand Theft Auto (video game), Skyrim, and Sleeping Dogs (video game) on my Xbox 360 when I have time. Besides from video games, I enjoy playing tennis and golf with friends and family whenever I can. I am also a big fan of television series and I always tend to watch 5 or more at the same time. Some of these shows include: Game of Thrones, Grimm (TV series), Dexter (TV series), Breaking Bad, South Park, and Community (TV series).

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