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Vienna University of Technology Library UBTUW

The Vienna University of Technology Library was founded in 1815. The library service is on four sites: the Main Library and three department libraries: the Chemistry Library, the Mathematics and Physics Library and the Urban Design Library. The Library also acquires and catalogues books for the institutes of the Vienna University of Technology.

The Library is open to university staff, students and members of the public.

The collection Vienna University of Technology Library contains more than 1 million books, around 1500 scientific journals, a textbook collection, a reference collection, Austrian and German standards, and theses of the University. The focus is on science and technology, including related subjects.

In addition, a "digital library" is available on every computer on the campus of the Vienna University of Technology, containing thousands of electronic full texts accessible via databases, e-journals and ebooks, Austrian and German standards and more.

Most of the printed works (books, journals) are kept on open access shelves in the Library's reading rooms. Older books, old volumes of journals and special collections such as rare books and offprints are on closed access in the Library's stack rooms. Bild der Bibliothek

The Main Library building was designed by the architects Justus Dahinden, Reinhard Gieselmann, Alexander Marchart, Roland Moebius & partners. Completed in 1987, it features owl sculptures by the Swiss artist Bruno Weber. The Main Library has six floors of open access areas and reading rooms, with around 700 study desks.


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