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This is the workshop that supports the Evidence Based Oral Health Practice (ORH3EBP) Group Assignment in the Oral Health program at La Trobe University.

The assignment requires you to:

  1. Create a Wiki account for yourself – choose a user name that is not your real name and ensure this is given to me
  2. Access the nominated Wikipedia page on a regular basis throughout the study period
  3. Decide on the important areas of information that are needed – what information do people need? This could form the basis of ‘sections’ on the page.
  4. Edit the information on the page to ensure it is evidence based – academic references must be provided to support the information you are using. (1000 words required)
  5. Engage in the ‘talk’ linked to the Wikipage.

Please find help resources below.

Wikipedia articles and projects[edit]

List the articles you're interested in editing, and projects you might collaborate in.

Useful images[edit]

Go to Wikimedia Commons and embed useful or interesting images here, as a "gallery".

Help resources[edit]

Leigh Blackall

[citation needed]

Begin referencing

The Wikipedia Cheatsheet Welcome to Wikipedia Adding images Ten Simple Rules Using talk pages
This one-page quick reference helps you to remember the most frequently used wiki markup commands. This 17-page guide covers creating a user account, editing basics, communication, and how articles evolve and are evaluated, and includes a quick reference to help you to remember frequently used wiki markup. describes the types of images that can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and how to add an image to a Wikipedia article. This editorial from PLoS Computation Biology focuses on how to contribute effectively as an expert, and is great for setting expectations before students begin editing. Handout for Wikipedia Education Program participants teaching them how to use talk pages

La Trobe University Oral Health Wikipedia project[edit]