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Dr Charles Margerison[edit]

Dr Charles Margerison is a Chartered Psychologist, a member of the Royal Institution and the Royal Society of Literature. He is Chairman of Viewpoint Resources Ltd, a publishing organization, and the founder of The Amazing People Club. Previously, he was Professor of Management at Cranfield University, UK, and also at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the co-founder of Team Management Systems and the Chairman of Bell Hughes Music Group.

The author of more than ten books on management issues, Dr Margerison has also written an innovative continuing professional development system, called The Communication and Problem Solving Resource.

In 2006 Dr Charles Margerison founded The Amazing People Club. This provides educational support resources for use in schools and colleges. The Amazing People Club series commenced when Dr Margerison wondered what people like William Shakespeare, Marie Curie, Abraham Lincoln, and other great achievers would have said if he had interviewed them about their life and work. He decided to research the known facts about their lives and write up what he thought they would say. In particular, he focused on the psychological issues associated with their personalities and how they used their time and talents well in order to achieve. The stories give us an insight into their motivation and relationships with other people.

His unique range of stories are presented via a new concept called BioViews® that combines a biography with a virtual interview. The stories are an interpretation of the lives of amazing people, as in a theatre play. Each one is presented as if the person is talking to you personally. There are no full stops, as in traditional writing, except at the end. The intention is to create the flow of conversation. Dr Margerison is often referred to as a time traveler due to his unique way of writing.

BioViews® offer new and interesting ways of understanding major contributions to our world by amazing people. The stories are inspirational and are known to help people achieve their own ambitions in their journey through life.

Dr Margerison writes an authors blog which can be viewed here.