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This will be a rewrite for the removed sections of emule, not the entire article!

eMule mods[edit]

As a popular open source program, eMule has many variants, usually called mods. Some mods started as a fork of an eMule code, and then continued to develop independently from the official version. A popular mod of this type is eMule Plus, although it does not have Kad Network support implemented. Other mods follow official eMule releases, and make their own releases based on each new release of the official version. Often features first debuted in a mod later find their way into the official version.[1]

Some eMule mods:[edit]

  • eMulePlus A (early) form of the original eMule. Lacks unicode and Kad, but has some addition to the gui.
  • eMule Morph is a mod that adds a lot of features and is one of the more popular mods. Features to more effectively release a file are added, but also features to make eMule more user friendly like tooltips on the preferences and uPnp are added. This mod is relative heavy because of the many features added.
  • eMule Xtreme Is a mod that focuses on Nafc to detect the available bandwidth and anti leecher detection. This is a relatvie light mod that keeps the number of added features limited.
  • Neomule is a innovative mod that experiments with some very new features like NAT-NAT transfer and features for use on a lan like Lancast and voodoo. There are a lot of features, and because of this might be hard to use for starter users.
  • eMule ScarAngel A mod that is based on the xtreme mod. This mods adds a lot of features found in morph to xtreme.
  • eMule StulleMule is A mod that is based om Morph.I has a lot of specialized tweaks e to control more settings.
  • eMule TK4 is A mod that adds some features like virus scanning and extra file cleanup to eMule.