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Hi, I'm Logan. I actually used to have other accounts, like loganruckmanman, but back then, I was an immature vandal. I actually want this to be a serious account that creates, fixes, or helps in any way articles and categories.

Wikipedia Articles I Created[edit]

  • Ultra Machine- My all time favorite Wikipedia article. How could a stub possibly be anyone's favorite article? Well, I created it. More specifically, it was the very first article I have ever created, not including categories. That is why it's special to me.
  • Family Guy Online- This is the second article I created, although if it got deleted, I wouldn't be surprised since there's little info about the game.
  • Retro VGS- I can't believe it took this long for someone to start a page on the upcoming cartridge-based console. As it gets nearer to its Kickstarter and its release, I hope it grows.
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