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Hello, I am [G. Edward Johnson] and have been on wikipedia since 2002. My first edit with this account was on March 22, 2002 to create the page for The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. (I may have edited some pages anonymously before then, I just don't remember.) I'm not as active on wikipedia as I used to be because pretty much everything I know is already here, but I do occasionally add new information or photos to articles.


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Who is this Edward Johnson?

Female hardhead
Male hardhead
The hardhead (Aythya australis) is a species of diving duck found in Australia. Also known as the white-eyed duck, its plumage is chocolate brown in both sexes, but only males have the distinctive white eye. The common name "hardhead" has nothing to do with the density of the bird's skull, instead referring to the difficulty encountered by early taxidermists in processing the head. These female (top) and male (bottom) hardheads were photographed at Hurstville Golf Course in Mortdale, New South Wales.Photograph credit: John Harrison