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Have to confess, I update boldly. I always think it's an improvement, or else it wouldn't have happened. If you disagree, and you are reading this page to find out who that jerk is who ruined your article, I'm sorry. It's happened to me too, I understand...

Let's work it out through the user talk page for that article. That way the whole community can get in on the dialogue.

About Me[edit]

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I am a writer. A nonfiction writer.

I used to have a real job, in fact I've had many different ones. I used to be a professional technology engineer, which made me a small fortune.

Then I parlayed that into real estate investing and starting my own businesses. I don't have to worry about money anymore. As Forrest Gump said, "that's good... one less thing".

So now I just write. It's a fun life. Well, if you're some sort of literary geek... which I am, so it's working out pretty good for me.


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Think fiction books can't influence a nonfiction writer?

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was one of favorite books as a kid, a big reason I wanted to be a writer. The real book was great, but I always wanted the fictional, "wholly remarkable" version as well. Ford Prefect's job sounded pretty dope, except for the stranding.

It warms my heart to see the fictional Guide come to life for real through Wiki. In fact Wiki's even better than the fictional Guide, because there's more storage space & updates are faster. And it's free, which beats slightly cheaper anyday.

Snow Crash gave us Hiro Protagonist... opening the book in his lame pizza-delivery job, and finishing as a hotshot investigative intellegence gatherer. It's like a postmodern Horatio Alger story, with cool computers, swords, and motorcycles.


  • Solar Power (kiss my ass, OPEC)
  • Home Building Technology (home's where I keep all my stuff)
  • Writing (duh)
  • Marketing (psychologically interesting when done properly, not spammy)

I will use my experience and writing skills to help update this resource for all humanity.