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Lu Kang (166-229) is the third son of the mightiest warrior from the south Lu Xiong. Born in Bei Hai of the Yin Territories. He is the distinguished member of the Lu Family. Cousin of the Gongsun and Xian Family.


At the age of 18, he joined in the campaign against the Yellow Turbans with his father (Lu Xiong) and brothers (Lu Chun Liang and Lu Shang). After the rebellion, he joined in the coalition against Dong Zhuo because one of his friends told Kang and his brother's Chun Liang and Jun that Dong Zhuo attacked their father during their absence when visiting their uncle Lu Zhu and Lu Zhi (Twins). After Dong Zhuo's death, he helped Lu Bu then Emperor Xian escape from Chang'an and was renowned across the land with his officers Yan Zheng and Guan Hai. With no land to call his own, Lu Kang served under Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu. While serving under Yuan Shao, he became governor of the Ji Province and became a more powerful leader than both Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu. While serving under Yuan Shu he helped Yuan Shu fight against Cao Cao on the attack on Xu but lost at 197 AD. After rescuing some of Yuan Shu's men taken refuge at Shou Chun Castle like Chen Ji, Yang Feng, Liang Gang & Yue Jiu joined Lu Kang's forces at 197 AD. After saving Yuan Shu's men at Shou Chun Castle, Yuan Shu went to go help Lu Kang get his own land, so they went to the Yin Territories that belong to Lu Kang's fathers which his brother Lu Shang was protecting it but lost to Cheng Shao's army.

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