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Adopter's signup form!
你好! Greetings! If you're here because you'd like me to become your adopter, please fill out the adoption sign up form presented to you upon clicking "Sign me up!" Please make sure you read the rest of this page before clicking the button.
Is adoption right for me?
Adoption is a voluntary mentoring program through which potential adoptees undergo a mentoring period in which they learn about the basics of Wikipedia, Wikiquette and how to best contribute to the encyclopedia. Adoption is for users who are still new and want to learn about the various aspects that are necessary in keeping Wikipedia accurate and free from offensive material which is damaging to the project and hinders the progress of the good-faith people who want to help and make the encyclopedia as whole an enjoyable learning environment.

For users with some experience the Admin Coaching program may be what you're looking for, this program is also a voluntary mentoring program. The only difference is this program is for users who have future aspirations to become administrators. Both programs are highly successful, users who participate in either program become more self-confident and gain valuable knowledge that will help them throughout their time on Wikipedia. Most former admin coachees are now administrators; with hard work one will reap the benefits.

What I look for in an adoptee
What I look for in an adoptee is an eager, willing and positive attitude towards contributing to Wikipedia, every adoptee has different likes and dislikes as such my lessons are only the basic foundation of my program, I aim to teach each new Wikipedian the basics and try to help them along the way giving help along the way. I teach based on the interests of my adoptees, not mine.

There is no need to rush to complete tasks, adoptees should take their time so that they can progress steadily. That said there is nothing wrong with completeing a task early, so long as the adoptee learns that is what matters. In the end I am positive that my adoptees will learn more than from when they started.

Sign up form
If you have read the short introduction above and understand what you will learn in my adoption program please enter your username in the field below and press the "Sign me up!" button to begin the signup process.

Presa de decissions.png
These lessons are to be used by M.O.X's adoptees. In order for an adoptee to successfully pass the adoption process, they must complete the required courses, and at least two optional courses. After the completion of the required courses, and the two optional the adoptee will receive a test, tests will vary from student to student depending on the optional courses that they took, and the level of editing experience they have. Adoptee's must achieve a total of 85% or higher questions correctly answered to pass, if adoptee's fail the test they are welcome to re-take another version after they complete the other optional classes they did not do before. Once the adoptee has passed the test they are not finished with the program, but instead done with the in class part of the adoption process and now will be "free to roam about the project". I will be monitoring their contributions and giving them constructive criticism along the way. I hope that they will use some of the skills taught in my classes, to demonstrate they actually learned something. Once they have demonstrated (through their edits) a clear understanding of Wikipedia's core policies, and have proven to be able to effectively and civilly communicate with other users, they will graduate from my course. They are always welcome to continue to ask me questions, and stay in contact once they have graduated.

If you are interested in being adopted, please use the above sign up method and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you wish to use the courses I provide please give the appropriate attribution since this is, after all, a wiki.


The following courses have been split into three groups, required, option and recommended. All adoptees will be required to complete the required lessons, choose and complete 2 optional lessons and 1 recommended lesson. These lessons are for the benefit of the adoptees, however, at the request of the adoptee I will change/add lessons based on their preferences and interests.

These courses have been taken from Steven Zhang who got them from Tiptoety who got them from Hersfold with approval.

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