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My name is Brian C. Keegan and I am an American computational social scientist and assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Information Science. I was previously a research associate at the Harvard Business School and post-doctoral research fellow at Northeastern University. I received my PhD from the Media, Technology, Society program at Northwestern University in 2012. I received my bachelors degrees in mechanical engineering and science, technology, and society at MIT and an International Baccalaureate diploma from Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada. My personal site and blog is is here.

My dissertation examined how Wikipedians collaborate to write about current and breaking news events. I use a variety of research methods such as network analysis, statistical models, data mining, natural language processing, and web-based experiments to understand analyze self-organization in peer production, model elections, understand group decision making on networks, and extract networks from institutional histories.

As this is my personal account, my edits do not reflect the views of my employers nor do I use this account for academic research. I previously controlled the account User:Collabolab for academic research purposes but no longer use or control this account. I controlled the account User:NEU-Brian for academic research purposes related to elections, polls, and political candidates.

I have been editing Wikipedia since June 2005. 1st edit 1000th 2000th 3000th 4000th 5000th 6000th 7000th 8000th 9000th 10000th I mostly help out at WikiProject Colleges and Universities by cleaning up boosterism, recentism, and other cruft that tends to accumulate on articles about American colleges and universities as well as reviewing articles going up for GA and FA.

I apparently really like to edit on Tuesdays: [1]

My long-time username stems from the fact that I was told I resembled Alfred E. Neuman growing up.


  • [2] If there is not a college/university ranking incorporating Wikipedia article "quality" into its methodology published by December 31, 2010, I will pledge my editing services to a randomly selected AAU member article to bring it up for FAC. 12:05, 2 January 2009 (UTC)




  • Combating boosterism, ranking-cruft, and other NPOV violations in University articles
  • Patrolling new pages, stub sorting, categorizing, etc.




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