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Mary Anne Rivera (nee Camden) is a fictional character in the long running family drama 7th Heaven Mary is the oldest daughter of Reverend Eric Camden and Annie Jackson-Camden. She has one older brother Matt and three (later five) younger siblings: Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam and David. She is portrayed by Jessica Biel

Mary Camden-Rivera
7th Heaven character
Portrayed by Jessica Biel
First appearance Anything You Want (101)
Last appearance And Thank You (1022)
Created by Brenda Hampton
Other names Mary Anne Camden (birth name)
Mrs. Mary Rivera (married name)
Mare (nickname)
Occupation Teacher\Coach
Residence New York (with Carlos and children)


Jessica Biel originally trained as a vocalist and worked in musical theater starting at the young age of nine. [1] She played Belle in Beauty and the Beast, [2] Maria in The Sound Of Music, [3], and the title character in Annie [4]. 7th Heaven was Biel's television acting debut and cemented her status as a breakout star.

Character Background[edit]

One of, if not the most, telling Mary Camden moment came in the pilot, which when Mary cons her older brother Matt into helping her with her basketball game. She really wanted to ask him about kissing and how that should be done. This scene incorporates three things typical of Mary: a "wacky plan", boys, and basketball. Though Mary is the Camden child who most exemplifies the good girl-turned-rebel stereotype, Despite their later estrangement Mary has always had a good heart when it comes to her family, being particularly to Lucy and (in the early seasons) Ruthie.


Season 1[edit]

Big sis Mary seems to have it all together: she's practical, super-smart, beautiful, vivacious, and the rising star on her school's varsity basketball team! (A feat that would initially make ninth-grader a target of her older teammates scorn.) In the episode Saturday both Annie and Matt note that Corey Conway, the team's previous star player often refused to pass Mary the ball even if Mary was in a position to make the winning shot. Corey than convinces her teammates to initiate Mary by pressuring her to take a glass from the local diner as part of the school's sports ritual. To add to Mary's troubles, she begins to be continually sexually harassed by school big-shot Micheal Towner. Incidents including snapping Mary's bra strap and writing suggestive graffiti about her on the wall of the boys bathroom. Mary declines Matt's offer to deal with the situation insisting she can fight her own battles, and with Matt and her teammates looking on she gives Michael a swirly. In Dangerous Liaisons (1) Mary gets a love interest this season, seventeen-year-old Wilson West who is generally well-received by her parents despite his being a teenage father.[5] Mary is the one who is sent after Annie when the latter sees her recently-widowed father and his new girlfriend enter the church and runs out. Mary attempts to follow her mother across the street but collides with a speeding car, driven my none other than Michael Towner himself. This accident seriously injures her knee putting her future as a basketball player into question.

Season 2[edit]

Mary's storyline this season revolves almost exclusively around her growing relationship with Wilson and role as surrogate mother to his son Billy but also touch on Mary's return to basketball after the events that ended season one. In the season premiere the relationship between Wilson and Mary is rocky as she wallows in self-pity over losing her spot on the team and identity as a "jock".


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