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Developer(s) Web Royal, LLC.
Stable release
Development status Active
Written in PHP, JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Project management software

RapidTask is an online task management system and team collaboration tool developed by WebRoyal LLC, an American web development company founded in 1998. To date, RapidTask remains a free software and is available in the Google Apps Marketplace.[1]


  • Project management & task tracking
  • Two-way email integration
  • Integration with Google Apps
  • Flexible labeling system
  • Collaborate and share with team members


RapidTask was conceived in July 2009 by Christopher Sands. Initial development began in October 2009 by Konstantin Bournayev and Christopher Sands. An early prototype was launched internally in December 2009. RapidTask is proprietary software, built in PHP and JavaScript and using the CakePHP framework.

RapidTask was released publicly on March 6th, 2010.

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