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General Shiz[edit]

My name is Simon. I'm a guy (that's a given). I live in the United Kingdom, but wouldn't miss it if it were, say nuked by mutant whales or something.

My Date of birth is May 28th 1990 (in before "gtfo kid"). This makes me, at the time of writing this anyway, sixteen years old. I am of both English and Cypriot descent

I won't disclose which secondary school I attended because a) They are reactionary to even the slightest criticism and b) It's a faith school and is therefore not worth my time. I'm currently attending Hills Road Sixth Form College. I'm taking Physics, Mathematics, Music Technology and Computing as A-levels.

I'm into Music. I've played Piano since the age of 8, but only play to a grade 3 standard as I had to quit in order to spend more time passing my General Certificate of Secondary Education. I also play guitar, having taught myself to play for the last two years. I'm only good enough for Rhythm Guitar and attempting to learn some scales. I'm currently in a band which plays crazy space rock or something like that. I'm not too sure what it is.

I don't spend too much time on these things for a good reason.


Simon is attending the University of Hertfordshire posing as an Aquayeti and learning the ritualistic form of collecting donkey knads from the gerbal inhabited areas of Zulu.

Other things[edit]

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