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Marianian is a semi-retired contributor to the English Wikipedia. The user registered in December 2007 to contribute better while travelling between London and South West England.

Current Projects

These articles regarding common topics are currently stuck on start class.
  • Athens Metro et al: Athens Metro is undergoing its own "LPTB moment", with AMEL S.A., ISAP S.A. and Tram S.A. merging to form STASY S.A. on 17 June 2011.[1] Progress could be great if it wasn't for a certain user that dragged me into the issue of poor translations, unverifiable station codes and my ability to spot warning signs quickly.
  • Banknotes of Zimbabwe: This article was Marianian's first focus on Wikipedia, which increased coverage of the notes issued and showed images of almost all known currency notes issued up to its abandonment on 12 April 2009. On 11 June 2009 it has been listed as a Good Article under Culture and society: Economics and business. If the dollar is reintroduced, the article will be renamed Historical banknotes of Zimbabwe.
  • National Autistic Society: For three years this article suffered neglect, falling foul of WP:SOAP and WP:NPOV. The user worked to rectify the issue with others and now it looks stable. The user will attend to any subsequent problems if it occurs.
  • Velology: Marianian collects British road tax discs: images of the disc themselves will be introduced gradually, some of which are already in public domain. The images of the 1921 series are now on the article. Images added to it should have a black background and have {{PD-BritishGov}} if issued up to December 1959 and {{Non-free Crown copyright}} with fair use rationale if issued for 1960 onwards (50-year crown copyright lapse rule). Reinstate attention to this as the tax discs will be abolished soon.
  • Zimbabwean Dollar: The current situation is that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe abandoned the dollar for over three years: therefore the article has to be revised to past tense. It may be feasible to improve to GA status as well.

Vector logos created


Marianian has received an award for their comprehensive coverage of Zimbabwean banknotes.

BoNM Zimbabwe.png Zimbabwean Barnstar of National Merit
Awarded for outstanding and sustained contributions to the Banknotes of Zimbabwe page by Passportguy (talk) 11:32, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

Outside Wikipedia

This user is also known as Charlotte Ryberg in Jennifer Government: NationStates and Trowbridge Estate on Flickr.[2] Marianian also contributed to Uncyclopedia, where the user made a major overhaul to its Athens article.

Manual of style

Where possible, this user prefers to avoid using passive voice for clarity reasons.


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