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2015-06-20 Notes to self:

  • Clean up this page, getting rid of low-importance stuff.
  • Change username to something better representing how I am now.
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Content to come in the next several years, with "several" being more than 3, based on when my previous edit was (update: this time I went only 3 years and 15 days between edit bursts - good luck extrapolating). For those wanting to learn more about me, here is the closest thing I have to a proper website, though there's no guarantee of it being anything resembling "up-to-date".

Note: Due to Wikipedia not having email notifications for page changes, I'm not likely to reply to anything that's not directly on my talk page, and even then it might take a few months/years. If you want me to reply in a timely manner (or at all, in the case of anything besides my talk page), please email me at the domain and the username mark. If they'd just add that one little feature, it would be so much easier to get involved with serious contributions. I don't even know which year they added it, but I just found the option to email me updates at the bottom of Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-personal. I guess I might get semi-serious about this whole Wikipedia thing now.

Userbox notes[edit]


Note: Most of the "-0" boxes are for languages that I don't know, but would like to learn some time. The "-0" boxes that also have other boxes are for languages that I have used or still use, but I don't like.


Before I dropped out from Neumont and got a BS in Mathematics at NAU, I received a "half diploma" (indicating 90/180 quarter-system credits completed) at an awards ceremony. It's the most expensive piece of paper I own and it's completely worthless.