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This is the user page for MasterOfHisOwnDomain. I currently split my time between Exeter, Devon and Portland, Dorset, while I study for a BA in English at the University of Exeter. I have a broad range of interests on WP, but try to stay in my own area of literature and the arts if I can. If you need to talk to me about anything, please use my talk page; I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Dorset


A little project to improve some closely-related articles on verse form, an area in which WP lacks good content:

  1. Sestina Good article (Listed as Good article on 21 Mar 2012)
  2. Envoi Start-Class article
  3. Tornada Good article Did You Know? (Listed as Good article on 26 Feb 2013)
  4. Villanelle Good article (Listed as Good article on 14 Feb 2014)
  5. Pantoum Start-Class article
  6. Ballade Start-Class article
  7. Rhyme royal Start-Class article


Created articles:

Good articles:

  1. Good article Lulworth Skipper
  2. Good article Sestina
  3. Good article Food waste in the United Kingdom
  4. Good article Tornada
  5. Good article Harriet Frank, Jr.
  6. Good article The Age of Adz
  7. Good article Letters from an American Farmer
  8. Good article Passing (novel)
  9. Good article The Fox, the Wolf and the Husbandman
  10. Good article The Shortest Way with the Dissenters
  11. Good article Villanelle
  12. Good article Hilda Vaughan


  1. Did You Know? Cuisine of Dorset
  2. Did You Know? The Hunter (1999 novel)
  3. Did You Know? Betsy Blackwell
  4. Did You Know? Colonel Jack
  5. Did You Know? Mere Nature Delineated
  6. Did You Know? The Shortest Way with the Dissenters
  7. Did You Know? Parley Common
  8. Did You Know? Ferndown Common
  9. Did You Know? Passing (novel)
  10. Did You Know? Piddles Wood
  11. Did You Know? Fiddleford Manor
  12. Did You Know? The Paddock and the Mouse
  13. Did You Know? The Fox, the Wolf and the Husbandman
  14. Did You Know? Duncliffe Wood
  15. Did You Know? Hartland Moor

Good article reviews:

  1. Failed good article nominee Seinfeld
  2. Good article History of the United Kingdom during World War I
  3. Good article Seattle Sounders FC
  4. Good article Murano (skyscraper)
  5. Failed good article nominee Megan Fox
  6. Good article External cardinal
  7. Good article Homologous recombination
  8. Good article Scientology in Germany
  9. Good article Pterosaur
  10. Failed good article nominee Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World
  11. Good article Tomahawk (album)
  12. Good article Premastication
  13. Failed good article nominee Louis Couperus
  14. Good article A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
  15. Good article Laundry Service
  16. Good article Body Language (Kylie Minogue album)
(4 failed, 12 successful)

Additionally I created WikiProject Dorset, to increase coverage of Dorset-related articles on Wikipedia, and was awarded the barnstar for my efforts (see talk page archive). I also created a task force for The Canterbury Tales (WP:CANTWP).