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  • Born in Saragossa, capital of Aragon, in 1974.
  • Married to a filipina.
  • Working as a full-time Java software developer and part-time translator.
  • Active user of the Amiga computing platform for over ten years (1992-2002).
  • A rap music album released in 1996 under a self-established record label.

The world I've been living in[edit]

  • Lived continuously in Saragossa since I was born until 1997.
  • Lived in London, UK, from 1997 to 2002.
  • Living in Madrid, Spain, since 2004.
  • Long and regular vacationing at my mother's town, Fabara (Aragon).

The world I've been sightseeing[edit]

Academic record[edit]



  • Contributed to/with several entries in the Aragonese and Spanish Wikipedias.