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Male.svgMcrass is male.
He is 28 years old.
AtheismLogo.svgThis user swears to God that he is an atheist.
de-5Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch auf einem professionellen Niveau.
en-2This user can contribute with an intermediate level of English.
Flag of Germany.svgThis user is a citizen of Germany.
Public domainThis user is a philosopher.
Hw-shakespeare.jpgThis user is a writer or journalist with one or more recent publications.
This user is a logician.
Estelada blava.svgThis user supports the independence of Catalonia.
Marijuana.jpgThis user supports the full legalisation of cannabis and other soft drugs.
No-scale.jpgThis user is not a lawyer. They are not admitted to practice in any jurisdiction, and nothing that they write is legal advice.
This user is against
monarchism and nobility titles when they were abolished, because they are not democratic and give no respect to the freedom of the peoples.

Karl Marx.jpgThis user is interested in Marxism.
Delphi-3This user is an advanced Delphi coder.
php-2This user is an intermediate PHP programmer.
Java-1This user is a beginning Java programmer.

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