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  • Hi I Am Merlinus:

I am happily married;

  • We love cats (3 currently own us)... Jeffy(16), Echo(6) & Gizmo(3). All pile on our bed with us every night.

Natick, Massachusetts[edit]

  • Map: Where is Natick on Massachusetts: Image:Natick_ma_highlight.png#file
  • Natick, Massachusetts
  • County: Middlesex County
  • Year Settled: 1718... It Doesn't Feel Too Settled?
  • Year incorporated as a town: 1781
  • Town Government: Representative town meeting/ Board Of Selectmen
  • Area Total: 16.1 Square miles 41.6
  • Area water: 1.0 Square mile 2.5
  • Population 32170
  • 92.02% White/ 3.86% Asian, 1.63% African American, 1.97% Hispanic, 1.56% Multi-Ethnic, .05% Native American, .05% Pacific Islander, .77% other races.
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard; DST -4
  • Latd=42 |latm=17 |latNS=N
  • Longd=71 |longm=21 |longEW=W

[[1]] list of Mass Wikipedans/ [[2]]Massachusetts Facts linked here:

Flag of Massachusetts.svg Flag of the United States.svg 20px Merlinus (talk)