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Me, Myself, & I
Newspaper Cover.svg This user enjoys reading the newspaper.
Star of life.svg This user scored 1687 on the Wikipediholic test.
Web-browser-openclipart.svg This user is a professional webmaster.
Hw-shakespeare.jpg This user is a professional writer or journalist.
Vista icon.svg This user uses Windows Vista.
WMAQ This user is a viewer of WMAQ-TV NBC 5 Chicago.
WLS This user is a viewer of WLS-TV ABC 7 Chicago.
WGN This user watches
WGN-Channel 9 in Chicago.
MIN This user is a fan of the
Minnesota Wild
Nocar.svg This user is car-free. The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
FireV2.png This user knows global warming is a reality we are facing.
Leaf 1 web.jpg This user is interested in environmentalism.
AsthmaInhaler.jpg This user has asthma
This user is nearsighted.
Face-glasses.svg This user has astigmatism.
Stilles Mineralwasser.jpg
This user obsessively drinks lots of Water and can be considered Aquaholic.
Star of life2.svg This user supports stem cell research.
The No Smoking sign This user is against smoking.
Tango-system-users.png This user has adopted in the real world.
HSM This user loves High School Musical!
:( This user is upset because anything made by him or her was deleted
M This user is a muggle.
Bennington Flag.svg This user loves the history of the United States.
Black Paw.svg This user would like to own one or more dogs.
P This user drinks Caffeine-Free Pepsi.
Name This user's name is Michael.
Laptop 01.svg This user contributes using a laptop.
AMD Logo.svg This user uses an AMD processor
Dell Logo.svg This user contributes with a computer manufactured by Dell.