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JustGoGirl! JustGoGirl! is a brand of feminine care products focused around the treatment of athletic leaks. CEO Brooke Solis founded the company in late 2013 to provide a solution for active women who experience athletic leaks during strenuous and high-impact activity.


The product was developed after Solis suffered from athletic leaks as a result of bearing four children and the attributed weight gain. In order to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, she needed to partake in more strenuous exercise. After using a traditional incontinence pad, and feeling the full effects of the swelling, odor, and discomfort of the pad, the idea for the JustGo pad came to fruition. The design would aim to provide a discrete, comfortable, and effective solution to athletic leaks.


The JustGo pad features a teardrop design to target the area of leakage while maintaining a small profile, reducing the bulk of the pad. The pad stays in place with the assistance of a sticky strip down the center of the material.


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