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Mikieminnow was a greyhound...and has been my main online persona since around 1995. I'm 40, a systems administrator and lifetime student living just south of Atlanta in Georgia. My life mainly revolves around my kids (3) and my dogs (5). My interests are all over the map, including programing, greyhounds, whippets, Gouldian finches, fishing, hiking, gardening, cooking and cars. One of my passions is lure coursing.

Dear Mikieminnow, in returning occasionally & briefly to the Sighthound related stuff I note your persistant diligence :) Re: the Silken Windhound etc., there are about 10 of the 20 odd hounds on the Sighthound list at present which are either not a "breed" (i.e. Kangaroo dog, Lurcher) or not a recognised breed (i.e. Rampur, Tazi). What to do? Best wishes, --Richard Hawkins (talk) 19:29, 22 April 2008 (UTC)

Dear Mikieminnow, the article under the heading Greyhound in wikipedia needs to be more definative on the pure breed of greyhound as like the Thoroughbred horse it is a specific breed of dog. Other breeds which are not registered through proper recognised stud books such as those used in unofficial racing or lure coursing are considered to be lurchers or cross breeds by purest breeders. This article needs much work and seems to have been primarly take over by people who consider greyhounds to be pets or show dogs which is not the case. I will be doing considerable editing on it to reflect the standard set by the breeders of pure bred registered greyhounds on the breed over the coming days. I am a leading owner and breeder of greyhounds in Ireland, and my family have won amoung other this both the Irish Greyhound Derby and the Irish Coursing Oaks. We have been involved in the breeding of pure bred stud book registered Greyhounds for over 150 years. I would consider myself to be an expert on greyhound bloodlines and breeding; and I do not wish to see this article which should be on the pure breed of greyhound corupted by those who do not understand the long and unflawed geaneology of the greyhound. You can contact me directly on if you like. user:jaquesdemolay92

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