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I am an application developer and technical writer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I have created several pages:
Lee's Palace
Les Particules Élémentaires
SilkAir Flight 185
Cherchez la femme
Toronto Rocks
77th Grey Cup
Beat Rodeo

I also do a fair bit of copy editing, particularly to rework pages which have grown without adequate subcategorisation. Some pages where i have done some particularly extensive editing are :
Space Shuttle Columbia disaster
Carbon monoxide
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Jeffrey Simpson
The Logical Song
Air India trial

On a more content-oriented side, I have made significant contributions to these pages:
Arrow Air Flight 1285
The Emperor's New Clothes
Knob and tube wiring
Light water reactor

otherwise i make little corrections to grammar and style, revert vandalism, and enforce NPOV when needed.