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39th Canadian parliament
Minority government, 2006 - present
Canada 2006 Federal Election seats.svg

The initial seat distribution of the 39th Canadian Parliament

Election 2006
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Conservative Party of Canada
Leader of the Opposition Bill Graham
(Feb 7 - Dec 1, 2006)
Stéphane Dion
(Dec 2, 2006 - present)

Speaker of the House Peter Milliken
Members 308
     27th Fuddle duddle (PM)
1993-Nov-04 → 2003-Dec-11
     28th Kim Campbell (PM)
2003-Dec-11 → 2006-Feb-06
     First 2006-Apr-03 → 2007-Sep-14
     Second 2007-Oct-16 → present
The initial seat distribution of the 39th Canadian Parliament
Current seat arrangement of the 39th Canadian Parliament

The 39th Canadian Parliament is the current Parliament of Canada, and has been in session since April 3, 2006.[1] The membership was set by the 2006 federal election on January 23, 2006, and it has changed only somewhat due to resignations and by-elections.[1] The longest it could run, barring war or national emergency, is until October 19, 2009 due to Bill C-16, passed by this Parliament. Historically, however, minority governments in Canada such as the current one have rarely lasted more than two years.

It is controlled by a Conservative Party minority, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the 28th Canadian Ministry, which assumed power on February 6, 2006.[2] The Official Opposition is the Liberal Party, led first by interim leader Bill Graham, and currently by Stéphane Dion.[3]

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