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Stuff to do should I be motivated to write; format blatantly stolen from User:Antandrus, not that anyone will ever read this page. Commentary for the benefit of anyone crazy enough to stumble across this and keep reading.

Ms. Walsh: I followed the link from the nytimes article today. How are you handling your amplified popularity? Not that I care. Actually I wanted to avoid wasting your time and mine by flirting with you. There's always for that. So. Why did I pick your ToDo list for my entry? because I wanted to suggest that Wikipedia do something I don't think it's doing. Please pass this on to Mr. Wales or anyone else involved in the management of this place. 1. How about a PRINT encyclopedia? a) It would sell and make a lot of money for the continued advancement of the site and b) would be a valuable artifact, a snapshot in time of a body of knowledge. Just as people can get a little too "precious" about things and try to hold on too long to something, so also could wikipedia become precious about its own very dynamic nature. Printing up a certain day in the life of wikipedia is not antithetical to the mission of wikipedia -- although in saying this I am acknowledging that many willl feel differently. c) there would be some buillshit and hurt feelings surrounding a mad rush to P-day or whatever you want to call the day that is chosen for crystallization and ...dare I say it, cannonization. d) or you could pick a moment that has already passed (I don't know anything about the technical matters of retreiving a web page The Way it Was on a certain date in the past) and print that version. bluegreenjamesatyahoodotcom.


(hm, turns out most of the composers I'm inclined to work on wrote for double reeds, but then that's not surprising)

  • Henri Dutilleux: such gorgeous music, such a stubby article – and it seems I may need to read Proust, whose writings I didn't realize were an influence.
  • Ney Rosauro: whoo, marimba music. Must get to it sometime after Antandrus went to the trouble of stubbifying it. :-)
  • David Maslanka: I've met him and thought he was... a little out there, but his chamber wind music is lovely.
  • Laurie Spiegel: another stub on a pioneer of computer music, inventive composer, and fellow appreciator of mathematics in music.
  • Iannis Xenakis: dig up my paper on him and see what's usable, not that I wouldn't welcome the chance to look at Formalized Music again... which could be an article in its own right.
  • Marcel Bitsch: from the Paris Conservatoire, wrote music that is a Bitsch to play, and doesn't even have an article in Grove!
  • Darius Milhaud: gack, more French stubs
  • Frederick Delius: as pointed out, another obvious candidate for improvement
  • Johann Wilhelm Hertel, not a favorite, but he's the subject of my bassoon prof's soon-to-be-finished dissertation.
  • Umberto Bertoni
  • Ferdinando Bertoni

Music theory[edit]

  • period (music): dicdef now, literally, or rather two.
  • phrase (music): a collection of definitions. Would do better with more expository writing.
  • Counterpoint: didn't spend a semester writing 16th c. counterpoint with the aid of Gauldin for nothing
  • compound melody: because half the fun of playing Bach solo suites is picking these out


  • Mikrokosmos: no one's covered this yet? I love these.

Performers, instruments, techniques, and ensembles[edit]

  • Concert band: because band don't get no respect. Get back to the library and rummage through the journal stacks because none of the electronic databases have fulltext of what I want. Grrr.
  • double reed: threw it up because I figured I'd want it later rather than explaining it in every article that mentions them. A sad little stub in serious need of a picture or two and detailed explanation
  • crook/bocal should as pointed out be more than just a sentence in a disambig
  • Sol Schoenbach: and one of the most influential bassoonists....


  • check digit doesn't mention the permutation-group scheme, and I think it ought to.
  • ternary logic: someone needs to scrap this and start over; perhaps if I am feeling terribly presumptuous -- or at least masochistic -- one day.



Clean up categorization of composers; reconcile categories with lists; mark stubs. Then, attempt to impose grand categorization scheme upon entire category of musicians, because the organization of it is utterly borked at the moment.

Not that I'll have any time for any of this once the semester gets into full swing again and I'm supposed to be writing my thesis and playing concerts and auditions... but at least my intentions are marked out to shame me into fulfilling some of them!