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Until June
Studio album by Until June
Released April 17, 2007
Recorded 2005-2006
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 30:42
Label Flicker Records/Sony BMG
Producer Brian Garcia
Until June chronology
The EP
(2006)The EP2006
Until June

Until June is the self-titled debut album released by Flicker Records alternative rock band Until June. The album will released on April 17, 2007.


  1. Sleepless –2:56
  2. What I've Done –3:16
  3. The Saddest Song –3:12
  4. Unnoticed –3:11
  5. All I Have –2:48
  6. Hindsight –2:39
  7. Outer Space –3:41
  8. Don't Walk Away –2:38
  9. This City –2:48
  10. You Do –3:33

Album credits[edit]

Produced by Brian Garcia (Our Lady Peace, Kelly Clarkson, King’s X).


  • This album went through several release date changes before finally settling on it's current one. The album has been scheduled for June 6, 2006; August 2006; February 20, 2007; March 20, 2007; and finally April 17, 2007. The reason behind all the delays is due to Sony/BMG purchasing their label.
  • The song "Sleepless" was featured on Oseven: The Year's Best Christian Rock Hits along with Skillet, Pillar, Jars of Clay, Krystal Meyers, and many other notable Christian Rock artists.
  • The songs "What I've Done," "The Saddest Song," and "You Do" were featured on Until June's The EP.
  • This album was Wise Men Promotions' Album Of The Month in February 2007.