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XAAIBC (Zaibun Advanced Artificial Intelligent Brain Corporation) is an Indian software development and production company founded by M.H. Ansari at the age of 18 with a vision to develop such intelligent technologies that will change the world's lifestyle and behaviour. [1]


M.H. Ansari, founder of XAAIBC, has developed four main products: Rayshoo, Otrimz, Zaimail and Xplode. All four products he has developed alone and without any formal computer language course. He decided to took a plunge into computer programming in 2002 at the age of 12 and self-learnt many programming languages. Since then he has been continuously developing new software technologies on his own.


Rayshoo (, the first product of XAAIBC which was unveiled on June 13, 2009. With the vision of intelligent technologies that can change the world’s lifestyle and behaviour, Rayshoo was developed with incredible features from the beginning to provide much better pipeline of communications. Despite the presence of many other social networking sites, Secret Friendship and Live Box features in Rayshoo keep it in a different league. [2]

Amalgamating a creative vision with technical know-how, XAAIBC launched Otrimz ( in 2011. Otrimz reduces the overheads in development of online software. Developing websites by using Otrimz is an easy and well-organized experience. Maintenance and management are amazingly easy and simple. Websites developed on Otrimz are hardware and screen independent. Otrimz trims the design and functionality related issues because it is a design oriented and provides all the features as appliances. Otrimz is going to change software development process. [2]

In 2012, XAAIBC launched a business mail product Zaimail (, the world’s one and only multi-faceted mail system. It is specially developed to provide scalable branded mail service to any type of business. Different businesses demand different solutions and Zaimail is the answer to it as it runs simultaneously in multiple modes and versions for all the different requirements. Zaimail is hardware independent and can fit in any desktop or mobile device. It gives one the coziesr feeling while reading and writing. [2]

Another baby of XAAIBC is Xplode (, an ERP solution that makes resource planning, maintenance, management and expansion a smooth experience. By using Xplode any organization can execute business anywhere in a better and organized way. Xplode has customized modules for any business requirement and available on demand. [2]


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