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Me in the Fall of 2004

About Me[edit]

Yes people, I am an actual monkey. Please don't stare. My brain chemistry has been altered to improve my intelligence and I have had special training from NASA engineers.


Nonlinear programming, Operations research, Cash flow, Gary Coleman, James Stockdale, James Dean, Pearl S. Buck, The Good Earth, Timothy McVeigh, Ralph Nader, Dana Plato, Byrd Theatre, Richmond, Virginia, Up with People, Six-Day War, Payday loan, League of Women Voters, Amazing Race, Bodybuilding, Wal-Mart, Criticism of Wal-Mart, Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Articles I've Started[edit]

U.S.-China Spy Plane Incident, GAMES 100, Commission on Presidential Debates, Open Book Management, Christopher McCandless, Maude Maggart, David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Current Projects[edit]

Operations research, U.S.-China Spy Plane Incident, Security and Freedom Ensured Act, USA PATRIOT Act.

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