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This is intended to be a list of the top 30-40 most vital articles in Wikipedia, based on the observation (accurate as of December 2012) that the ratio of the number of articles of any two consecutive importance ratings is roughly 1 : 3.5. This list currently contains 50 articles.

The main criterion for this page is that listed articles should provide coverage on a topic that will never be sufficiently provided by the corresponding article in the vital 10, ideally to the point that it could be added as an additional topic. Even though the list is intended to have fewer than half the members of the Vital 100, I have worked backwards from the full list to determine the "nominees", the most important articles in each category, in italics.

Featured articles are marked (Featured article), A-class articles with (A-Class article), Good articles with (), downgraded from good articles with (Delisted good article), failed good article candidates with (Failed good article nominee), B-class articles with (B-Class article), C-class articles with (C-Class article), Start-class articles with (Start-Class article), and Stub-class articles with (Stub-Class article).

  1. B-Class articleFailed good article nominee Art
    1. Architecture
    2. History of art
    3. Performing arts
    4. Visual arts
  2. Featured article Earth (I would also add Continent to the Vital 100)
    1. City
    2. Country
    3. Geography
    4. Ocean
  3. B-Class articleDelisted good article History of the world
    1. Civilization
    2. History
  4. B-Class article Language
    1. Linguistics
    2. Writing
  5. B-Class article Life
    1. Death
    2. Food
    3. Personal life
    4. Sleep
    5. Time
  6. B-Class articleDelisted good article Mathematics
    1. History of mathematics
    2. Number
  7. C-Class article Philosophy
    1. Ethics
    2. Knowledge
    3. Logic
    4. Mind
    5. C-Class article Religion
  8. B-Class article Science
    1. Astronomy
    2. Biology
    3. Chemistry
    4. Climate
    5. History of science
    6. Human
    7. Nature
    8. Physics
    9. B-Class article Statistics
    10. Universe
  9. C-Class articleDelisted good article Culture
    1. Community
    2. Family
    3. Social science
    4. Society
  10. B-Class articleFailed good article nominee Technology
    1. Engineering
    2. History of technology