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MythSearcher aka:

  • ArchAngel
  • FreezeBreeze
  • Mazoku Jun

Born 1st April, 1982 in Hong Kong. Full name is Benjamin Howard Lee. Having been passed on the Teacher's Occupational disease from my mother, pointing out the typos and mistakes from passages is an irresistible symptom. However, always failed to correct all the "all too commonly seen" errors in my own passages. Also have a little symptom of Cleanliness Compulsion.


Primary school(Grade 1~6):

Secondary schools:


Majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Minoring in Computer Science. Taken courses in Spacecraft design, Education, etc.


Basically a Bibliomania. Really like to read books and in average read 2~3 books a day, but slowed down these days because started in reading dictionary and encyclopedia types of reference books. Starting to read Japanese books. Mostly reads novels, research papers, settings of stories, etc. Cannot resist in purchasing books and definitely obsessive-compulsive.

Very interested in reasoning settings of fiction, which is using current science and technology to explain, reason and proving the settings to be more logical than one normally will view it. Mainly participates in the Gundam community in doing so.

Once written an essay on Logically reason the overall Magic system, but the essay was gone with the wind...oops, I mean Hard Drive malfunction.

Also interested in making models and any ACG related things.


A freelance producer, can write plays, character design, clothing design, mechanical design.

Will write some stories and draw pictures whenever free. Have grouped with friends to form Team Reverie that works on Project Fabula. Know how to create web sites and have created the site for Fantastical Finality and Show Me Anime of UMR.

Problems of Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Too much rights for IP users, too much stupid vandals or people who have no idea what they are doing.
  2. Part of the Deletionists community raising the par much higher than what the policies claims, instead of verifiable third party authoritive sources, they keep asking for sources with totally no relationship with the article and instead of notability, they ask for cultural significance to an unrealistic point like it does not affect the language so it is not notable.
  3. People don't learn from blocks, they simply take a break and come back with the same attitude.
  4. Consensus discussions normally becomes votes of different parties with different views, little people actually bothered to talk, even when they have been proven to be totally wrong in all senses.
  5. Too little fact checking procedures, a smart vandal (as oppose to stupid ones who blatantly vandalize pages with totally irrelevant information like cursing to a point of indef blocks) can add in totally incorrect information or even create an extremely faulty page and can get it to stay as long as he/she fakes the sources well enough.

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