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A SWOT analysis takes an objective look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to a system, organization, or process. People have complained about Requests for Adminship for years, but very little change has been enacted. It's my hope that by looking at past RFAs and past discussion regarding RFA, we can come to some sort of clear picture of what is working well and what could be improved.

What this might do[edit]

(in roughly decreasing order of importance/desireability)

  1. Improve the way/rate/method in which RFA works.
  2. Create a proposal to synthesize the workable/actionable parts of previous proposals.
  3. Create an objective summary of several years' worth of discussion, analysis, and hand-wringing over RFA.
  4. Create a lot of heat and noise.
  5. Create bad blood.
  6. Overload the servers.
  7. Nothing until the universe dies of heat death.

What this will not do[edit]

  1. Try to force change on Wikipedia's culture at large.
  2. Call for the resignation of any current admins, or grant the sysop bit to anyone who does not currently have it as of this writing.
  3. Dismantle RFA.
  4. Cause the universe to die of heat death.

What this should not do[edit]

  1. Make assumptions about "what everyone knows".
  2. Make new proposals based on wholly new ideas.

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