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I'm sort of a WikiGnome; I do a fair amount of maintenance work, finding sources, expanding stubs, marking/correcting categories and the like. I don't have a lot of time to write actual articles, though I've done a few (I tend to work in chunks or bursts, when I have the time to research/write properly). My watchlist "only" has about 1500 articles on it, but I purposefully choose out-of-the-way/neglected corners of the wiki, so my list of changes to keep an eye on stays relatively low.

Also, my job is phenomenally busy of late, which cuts down on my time even further. I do administrative/technical work on A Wheel of Time wiki when I have time, as you might have guessed from my username. And I really cut my teeth on the MafiaScum Wiki, which wasn't even based on MediaWiki back then.


I'm a mergist at heart; I'd rather see good, comprehensive, composite articles than a plethora of stubs in many cases. It's always possible to split them back out out later when/if the article becomes too large to be manageable. I don't mind creating/leaving stubs to grow, though, when they have potential; I'm also an eventualist. I'm realistic, though; some things will just never grow up to be encyclopedic. I'm starting to become more of a hard-line mergist about fictional topics having their own articles, including the WoT stuff, which I'd like to either combine or move over to Wikia.

I'm sort of an exopedian with a sociology degree, really; that probably explains it better than anything. *shrug* On the other hand, sometimes there's a little too much social networking, cliques, and good-old-fashioned power struggles here, when we could all just take a breath and move on to write something meaningful.

Administrative tasks[edit]

I was granted the administrative tools for the English Wikipedia in late 2006, so if you have any questions with special functions of the wiki, please let me know. My areas of focus include attack pages for speedy deletion, Wikipedians looking for help, providing deleted articles to those wishing to improve them, fixing cut-and-paste moves, and requested moves.

If you have a problem with any of my actions, please let me know. If I am not around and/or the problem is urgent, feel free to revert my action or contact another user with the sysop bit to do so if you do not have the tools at your disposal*. If you feel that a serious enough lapse of judgment has occurred to make me unfit to use the tools, please see my recall request subpage.

* Note: I've tried to stop using the term 'administrator' as it implies authority or power in what is essentially a flat leadership model. All the "sysop bit" does is grant me the ability to make certain additional trusted decisions on behalf of the wiki. If you are interested in obtaining those tools, feel free to drop me a line and explain why, so I can consider nominating/supporting you.


My current WikiMood - Current Wild West events have spiked me.

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