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My name is Rosie. I've been around Wiki for quite a while. I edit some articles. I create articles that I believe have a purpose to remain, as the person, place or thing does have a good reason to. I tend to make mistakes on articles, but everyone does! I contribute as much as I can to make the article better, by that, I try to find reliable sources that can contribute to referencing the statement. As long as proofreading, etc, etc.

Other than that, I'm a huge BBC Radio 1 Fan, hence why I tend to make their articles better!

Edited Articles[edit]

These articles have/are being revised, enhancing, proof reading to make any BBC article have a better quality. Newsbeat, Chris Moyles, Greg James, The Scott Mills Show, Adrian Pearce, Scott Mills, Mark Chapman, Devin Griffin, Matt Fincham.