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All fields are optional, but should be filled as many as possible.

| logo         =
| logocaption  =
| logosize     =
| image        =
| imagecaption =
| imagesize    =
| name         =
| aka          =
| style        =
| country      =
| creator      =
| parenthood   =
| famous_pract =
| olympic      =
| website      =

Fields included:

  • logo, a logo of the martial art. Should be placed using the syntax "imagename.ext"(e.g. logo=JKD.jpg).
  • logocaption, a caption to be used with the logo.
  • logosize, the size of the logo. If no value is placed, the default value of 150px is used.
  • image, a sample image of the martial art. This could be a famous practitioner or an image of someone practicing it. The syntax is the same as for the logo.
  • imagecaption, a caption to be used with the image.
  • imagesize, the size of the image. If no value is placed, the default value of 200px is used.
  • name, name of the martial art.
  • aka, alternative names for the martial art.
  • style, the style of the martial art. This can include Kicking, Punching, Trapping, Grappling, etc.
  • country, the country of origin. The country's flag should precede the name using the template {{flagicon}}
  • creator. the creator of the martial art, if there is one.
  • parenthood, the martial arts that inspired this one.
  • famous_pract, famous practitioners of the martial art.
  • olympic, if the martial art is an Olympic sport or not. Should be no if it is not, or Since year if it is, where year is the first year that the martial art appeared in the Olympic Games.
  • website, the official website of the martial art.