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Located in the western Henan Province of central China, Luo Yang is a city with a long history. As one of the eight ancient cities and one of the historical and cultural cities released by the state council ,Luo yang is the only city in Chinese history that was named as “God capital city”. Luo yang is named by its being located in the north shore of the river luo shui . In China’s history , Heluo area is the very important birthplace of Chinese Civilization.. The first dynasty named Xia was found its capital city in Luoyang. And then another 21 dynasties was located its capital city here , making the city which is the earliest Chinese capital and has more dynasties than other cities with the longest history in China . Luoyang was once one of the most busy and beautiful cities in the world at those eras. Once mentioned Luoyang ,a kind of flower would probably cross people’s minds. It is named peony, whose colors and lustres are gogerous. Since the Dynasty Zhou located its capital in Luoyang, When the Empress Wu was in power, Luoyang’s peonies spread all over China . As the saying puts it “ the position of Luoyang is perfect and tends to live flowers ,and especially peony is a big wonder to the whole world.”. And in our ages, peonies ,as Luoyang’s flower ,are cultivated into varies breeds .Every year Luoyang would hold a “Chinese Luoyang peony culture festival”, which attracts thousands of visiters from all over the world to Luoyang . In Luoyang’s history ,there are a lot of celebrities born or living here. For example, the technique of paper-making ,one of the four great inventions in China, was invented by a Luoyang’s man named Cailun. Another famous people is Guanyu , who is respected by Chinese people through the history for his loyalty to his brother Liubei. And after he dies ,his head was buried in Luoyang. People founded a temple to memory him in his cenotaph ,which is called Guanlin. Since PRC was founded in 1949, Luoyang has began to concentrate on developing its economics . firstly ,Luoyang is rich in resources, such as mollybedenum ,aluminum, gold ,silver. And two large reservoirs were contrasted across the Yellow River . Then Henan is the biggest argricultural province in China .And Luoyang’s agricultural structure insists adjusting measures to local conditions. High-quality special grains ,fruits ,herbs ,tobacco, flowers ,nursery stock and other patterns formed six pillar industries. In addition , there are many medium-sized industrial enterprises in key centering in Luoyang , such as Luoyang Tractor Factory. Moreover, tourism is another pillar of Luoyang’s economy. We have to mention the Longmen Grottoes when we discuss the tourism industry of Luoyang .Longmen Grottoes , one of China’s three famous artistic treasure house of stone, is located in the southern suburbs of Luoyang City ,Henan Province. After 400 years since the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Song of cut ,there is still Kukan has more than 2100 ,more than 100000 statues statue ,stone inscriptions more than 3600 items . Besides ,there are many other places to see the beautiful and spectacular scenery and learn a lot of history stories in Luoyang . You can go to the Luoyang museum or Luoyang ancient art museum (the original Luoyang ancient tomb museum ) for luoyang’s history and to learn the archaeological and historical knowledge. You can also go to the Heavy Cross Ditch or the Laojun Mountain to enjoy the natural and wonderful scenery .You can even go to the streets and lanes in Luoyang to feel the culture and also the warmth and friendship of the people there .



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