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Prep2Prep is a sports information website based in the Bay Area of California. The mission of is to utilize experience and connections within the sports world to mentor promising high school students who have an interest in journalism and provide the most comprehensive coverage of high school sports in the area. Prep2Prep's coverage area includes four leagues within Northern California's Central Coast Section: the West Catholic Athletic League (WCAL), Blossom Valley Athletic League (BVAL), Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) and the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League (SCVAL).

The ultimate goal of is to provide coverage of high school sports on a par with that which is expected of professional and college-level sports in the USA. While there are plenty of sites that cover high school sports on a regular basis, there are few, if any, whose goal is to cover every single event to at least some degree. Prep2Prep utilizes a stable of high school contributors in addition to automated game story technology to provide content on all sporting events within the initial scope.

The most exciting part of is the fact that high school students themselves are the ones generating the vast majority of the content. Prep2Prep has developed a model whereby students take on roles as sports reporters, photographers and sports information coordinators (SIC). As part of their experience, students receive professional training and mentoring to produce a complete, professional-looking sports content website.

Founded in April 2011, Prep2Prep is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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