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What's in a name:

Norsk should speak for itself. Although I am not from Norway, I have a high affiliation to the country, and have visited it many times (also my given name is Norwegean).
Troll is meant literally, as the mythical Scandinavian figures, not the infamous Internet trolls or patent trolls ;-)

So there is no need to be rude to this troll, as he is a very friendly one that aims to contribute to the content and progress of Wikipedia.

Areas of work in Wikipedia (to be more closely defined in the future, maybe by participating more in work groups/projects if time allows it):

  • Sports, especially biographies related to basketball, winter sports, Olympics, etc.
  • Technology/New Media/Internet, especially company profiles
  • General interest (politics, history, travel locations, ...)

Note: English isn't my native language (actually it's my third) so I will definitely make errors when writing/editing larger amounts of complex information, but I have studied the language for over 15 years, spent some time attending universities in the US and UK, have a very high score on the TOEFL, and will simply do my very best ;-)