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User:NuclearVacuum (talk · contribs) is an experienced user on Wikipedia. Mainly focusing on articles about politics, government, science, and power, NuclearVacuum is very affective in cleaning up articles.

In real life, this user is an American-born service worker currently living in New Port Richey, Florida. He is also a rising artists, cartoonist, writer, historian, and YouTube Poop animator.


My name is Devon Moore[1] (known as D. J. Moore in early work) and I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. My family and I moved to Florida in November 2001, and it was around this time that I got into astronomy and extrasolar planets. Though after the demotion of Pluto I continued to love astronomy, I thought it was time to move onto something more. It was around this time I taught myself the Russian language and discovered upon vore.

My earliest work was in the field of astronomy and planets. I just wanted to learn what Pluto looked like, than it turned into me knowing everything about Pluto, than Mars, and wouldn't stop. So you can understand why I was a bit disturbed when Pluto was "plutoed," but I currently agree with this definition. But I moved out of the solar system and into interstellar space and extrasolar planets. Just the idea that there are other planetary systems out there is just revolutionary, and I had to be a part of this. Today, I work on codes for the program Celestia, giving notable planets proper names (just for fun) and realistic and diverse textures and systems.

Throughout my life, I have loved to draw. Whether it was from watching Nickelodeon every second as a kid, I couldn't tell you. Currently I am well known as Eurodex on such websites as DeviantART and Eka's Portal for my vore work. I have always known I was a vore, but I never knew it was a fetish. I am also quite well known for my furry work, but I tend to keep both furry and vore together as one.

My life on Wikipedia is filled with disorder. I have been suspended several times from this site for expressing my mind on pages. It was this time I moved from expressing myself on other pages and onto my own userpage (which was already my own little place to work in). However this was also frowned upon as all my thoughts were erased forever. It was around this time that I moved to a Wiki-site page to get all my data back and to loose all dependencies on Wikipedia. But this new site would become more than a page of Wikipedia-related material and into my homepage for all my work. I was suspended from DeviantART (my luck just sucks) for linking to all my other userpages (some of which were vore). Though I got my site back, I still wanted to make sure it never happened again. So I moved all my dependencies from all other sites and onto my wiki-site, WikiVac.

I currently consider myself agnostic and atheistic in philosophy. This is both because I see the world more in a scientific look and because religion scares me. I was raised protestant, but I never went to church in my life. When I finally decided to go (to save my religion), I lost my mind. All you do is sing, tell stories, and sing some more. If you have never gone to church before, take my advise and be proud you never did.

A map showing all the states that I have visited.

Just like how I learned astronomy, me learning another language was just one question that turned into a nonstop adventure. In my case, I wanted to know "what does the 'CCCP' stand for on the cosmonauts space suits?" It turned out that these letters were actually the Russian abbreviation for "USSR" (the abbreviation for the Soviet Union). "What is the Soviet Union?" The former government of Russia and some surrounding countries. Not only would I teach myself all of this, but the Russian language too. Да, я говорю немного по-русски! (Da, ya govoryu nemnogo po-russki "Yes, I speak a little Russian!"). I also support Russia to some extent (especially the Putin administration). I also support the European Union on the same level, especially the euro. Currently I collect euros for their beauty and power.

I would like to travel the world someday. I have not left my country with me knowing it. I have apparently been to Canada once, but I have no memory of it. But I currently have Moscow, Berlin, Paris, and Sydney on my mind for my first visits. Until then, I am stuck in Florida with my computer and art.

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  1. ^ I would like to thank GabrielVelasquez (talk · contribs) for being the jackass that he is, for spreading my name all across Wikipedia like I am Hitler. But anyway, please be considerate and please don't use my name unless we are friends. It is much safer to refer to me as NuclearVacuum (or NV for short) here on Wikipedia. I am not going to report you if you use my name by accident, but it is too late for Valasquez.

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